About Us

About Us

The company, S’All-In-One Speech Products,LLC, was formed because two speech pathologists got together to discuss the availability of appropriate speech and pre-literacy materials for preschool children. Specifically, materials that would be useful for encouraging sound production, developing language skills, and introducing pre-literacy skills. We wanted these materials to be transportable, inspirational, and available to everyone.

We learned that we had trouble finding:

  1. Flashcards with pictures of words that young children could easily identify
  2. Flashcards with words that contained early developing sounds but NOT later developing sounds. For example, if we were working on the /n/ sound, ( a sound that develops early), we often found cards that used words such as “nose” or “skin”; both words contain later developing sounds/sound combinations.
  3. Flashcards that had words that did not repeat the sound(s) that we were working on. For example, if we were working on the /K/ sound we would often find words like “cook”. The /k/ sound is repeated, making success for the child difficult.
  4. Games that we could play with the children that would make therapy fun.
  5. Materials that we could easily transport (many speech pathologists travel to homes, schools and health centers). We were often loaded down with games, toys, notebooks and materials. We needed to lighten the load on our backs (especially in the winter).
  6. Games and flashcards that we could use with individuals and with groups
  7. Games, flashcards and materials that we could recommend for parents to use. We wanted the materials to be easy to purchase. Results are best achieved when the child’s circle of friends, family, and professionals are able to reinforce gains made in all environments.
  8. Flashcards, books and games that were cute and fun!

So! We decided to create our own kit and make our creation accessible to everyone.

S’All-In-One! So, Have Some Fun!